About Us

Welcome to video alchemy

My names is Paul Shillito and I’m the founder of Video Alchemy.

Making online video for promoting yourself, your business or products and services is no longer just as simple as taking your iPhone and recording yourself talking to camera and banging it up on YouTube , that’s been done millions times before and the vast majority of those would turn your potential customers off rather and on.

If you want to get noticed you need to make better looking, better sounding and more sticky ( as is in people want to watch for longer , not sticky sticky !) videos.

At video alchemy this is what we help you do. Like it or not but making videos, even simple ones is a multi-skilled process, from coming up with an idea, scripting it, videoing it, capturing the audio, editing it, applying effects, uploading to the web, Video SEO and promotion, these are all things you or someone else has to do if you want to have any real success with video. If you’re a one man band or working in a small company then it probably falls to just you or a small number of people to do all these things and whilst technology can make it easy to make simple videos, when you want to step up to the next level the very same technology can make all seem very complicated.

So now what is video alchemy all about. The thing about video is that’s it not just about using a camera, in a nutshell it’s a place for business owners, individuals looking for help to make their own video and promote their themselves with video. We show you how you can set up your own home or small business video studio and make videos that can look as good as a professional studio.

If you want to ask a question or suggest a topic to cover then please send me a message via the contact form here http://video-alchemy.com/contact/ , i’ll look forward to hearing from you 🙂