Periscope – How to use any video camera in Persicope and muiltcam scoping

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After playing around with Periscope for a while I though I would try and reproduce what I can do on a Google hangout or webinar for example and that’s use more than one camera.

Now for any one unfamiliar with Periscope and its main competitor Meerkat, these are live streaming video apps for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad and Android. Periscope is owned and part of Twitter and it has become the main player in this market with about 8x the number of users than Meerkat even though they both launched at about the at time.

The course is available through which it is up for $49 but if you use the following link you can get it for $30 🙂 this link here

The biggest attraction is that you can just start a scope or broadcast as easily as taking starting a video and that is it your live, all the people that follow you will receive a tweet saying your on air now.

Whilst this a great for just doing a quick broadcast, the medium allows for so much more and allows you to connect and interact like nothing else. Problem is you are stuck with the camera in the device you using and at the moment you can not get an external video stream in to the apps, so using a different camera cant be done… or can it?

If you do a bit of side ways thinking then it is possible and that what video shows. I originally tried just using the iPhone to look at a lanscape screen and just seeing a slice of it but I found that if you use all the cameras in portrait mode the the resolution almost doubles from 1080 to 1920 lines, which gives a much better quality, if you expanded that out to a landscape format it would be almost 4k quality.

The setup is cumbersome and not portable but it proves you can do a multi cam Periscope session or Meerkat if you use that one as well.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to do anything that want including green screen, graphics, picture in picture etc and then show it in Periscope.

I hear that there may be a solution available soon that does allow an external video stream in to the Periscope app and if that is so then the final link stage with the mobile device looking at the screen will be eliminated but all the rest using the video switcher and the multiple cameras will remain the same.

When Periscope finally get around to give us landscape mode then we will have something that could be a serous rival to Google hangouts.


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  1. John polk

    That was a very confusing post. I don’t get what you did at all to shoot multicamera. I read it twice thinking I must have skipped something. Please explain more what your talking about. Thank you.

  2. Michael


    He actually did show us how. He had 3 cameras hooked up to a video switcher/mixer. The output of the mixer was the displayed on the monitor that the iPhone was “looking” at.

    If I had the gear, I could quite easily reproduce the same setup.

    I’d be interested to know what part you didn’t understand.

  3. Charles Stern

    I like to use Periscope at public events that I attend (Town Hall meetings, etc.), but using a camera phone makes me over-conspicuous. Is there a way to use a Go-Pro or inexpensive camera to capture video, and then bring that into the smart-phone? If I could do that then I could mount the camera on my body or head, and just walk around hands-free. Do you know how to do this?

    1. Post
      1. Nelson Reed

        I bought a SnapCam LE from Ion thinking I could do just this but there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn it into a streaming camera for periscope broadcasting…

  4. Devon Artis

    Okay … the I seen that you really know your marketing … As this was a great video to get people to watch.

    And please forgive if I am being harsh .. but this was more like click bait … as your title as “How” I did not see a how to do … I seen what you did …

    You did not mention any equipment and how would anyone else do it … but other than that it is just another video to show that you know what you are doing ?

  5. mats

    How did you do the audio? Have you tried to connect two periscope transmissions into one feed together with picture from a studio (have a host in the studio talking with two other persons via periscope and having them on screen in the feed going out to the audience)?

    1. Post
      Paul Shillito

      Yes, I’ve done a two way scope, it needs two devices at both ends, one transmits to everyone from your end then the guest watches and listens on his device. You then do a private scope the other way where you listen to them and they watch you, the video from this feed then goes in to your video as the second screen along with the audio. Its a pain because Persicope is a one way transmission hence the double device set-up, it a lot easier to do it with the guest on Skype :-/ and bring in the video and audio from that and feed your Periscope feed back to them through skype whist the world also watches your combined feed.

  6. Russell

    Thank you for the video! Very interesting and very informative. How are you able to sit further back from the iPhone and still maintain a good audio level since you are clearly not using the microphone that is built into the iPhone? Do you have a microphone plugged into the iPhone as a wireless mic somehow? Or do you have it paired with a Bluetooth device that allows you to use it as a Bluetooth microphone?

    Thanks again,

  7. Sean

    What is your equipment and applications list? What exactly did you use to connect the video switcher to the iphone and how did you get the Periscope application to accept the video feed from the switcher? I really just want to hook up a DSLR to my iphone and use the DSLR as my camera. Also, how did you rotate the video from landscape so it would not show sideways in the Periscope app.

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