How to Fold a Pop up Background, Backdrop, Reflector, Green / Blue screen

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OK, then here is a quickly on how to fold a pop background, reflector, white / green / blue screen and anything which is along the same lines.

I showed it very briefly  in my how to choose the right background video but this shows you in detail and much more slowly so you can see how its done.

It’s not rocket science but if you have ever tried to fold one of these things up when you new to them and haven’t been shown it, it can seem like trying to do a Rubik’s cube as it twists this way and that and nothing like it should be.

So any way, enough rambling and I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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{Video Transcript}

How to fold a pop-up background in three seconds ready

And in two – one – go and that’s it

Simple as that now I’ll show you a little bit more slowly so you can see what’s really going on

Now when I bought my first screen like this I must have spent probably half an hour or more trying to work out how to get the thing folded up again because once you have unfolded it you don’t really remember how it goes back together.

But there is really a simple way and now I’ve seen various ways on the internet but no one as far as I know uses this particular method and the it is for me the easiest simplest and it also for fastest way of folding up one of these pop up backdrops  and I’ll also show you how to fold up a reflector as well a round reflector, very similar Technique.

But this is it basically, All you need to do is stand it up straight like this hang on to the top with one hand put your foot on the bottom with the other then all we do is literally just twist the top round and as the top twists round it will naturally fall down and you come down, this tucks in here, down there and up like that and that is it.

Now literally, I can do this in a few seconds, in fact onto in probably about two seconds.

I’ll do it again slowly so we can see again foot on the floor hold it down hold the top like this and twist round like so round and in and any other one comes up like that and that’s it the job is done how simple is that.

Now to show you on a reflector this is a reflector about just over a meter in size, again very similar method you can be twisting it.

All you do is grab to one side here, hand on the other side and you twist like so out and as you see as it twists it will naturally come down and fold together and that’s it simple as that.

Open it up again on the white side this time, watch my hands,

I’m twisting in opposite directions like so and you see how the reflector just naturally just rolls up itself, you literally have not got to do anything and that’s it put it back in its case and you would do. and that’s how to fold-up Reflector and also a pop-up background.

So this brings onto the end of our little video here  and I hope you’ve learned something about how to fold up these pop-ups and backdrops which can be a little bit intimidating and also to be honest you end up spending and awful lot time trying this way and that way.

Anyway and hope you enjoy the video if you date they and don’t forget to like share and subscribe and obviously if you know anybody you think has a problem with their pop up background then share this video with them.

There’s a couple extra videos down the side here if you want to watch a more and my name is Paul Shillito and this has been a Video Alchemy production and don’t forget to get hop on over to where can join our free newsletter and keep up with other videos that are coming out. OK Then see you later….. Byeee



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  1. Nannette

    After watching other videos on YouTube, your instructions were easiest to follow. Being 5’2″ makes folding this apparatus a comedy act before I saw your video. Now, if you could just make printable instructions with images that would be the cats meow! Thank you!

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